Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Is it Farmhouse? Need your Ideas

I'm trying to achieve a more organic farmhouse feel in my home and decided to start with my shelf with the window frame. So  I sprayed some chicken wire black and stapled it to the back of the window.
A couple of sheep thrown into the mix for the mantel.
Here's a look at the whole room but the shelf doesn't have the chicken wire on it yet. Also I tweaked the accessories a little after adding the wire. The chairs will be painted with ASCP Old White and distressed. In a  few pics down you can see one of the chairs I finished.

I added two boxwood wreaths to the candle holders to add a bit more greenery. Should I add a mirror behind the wreath?

I got this scale at my favorite flea market, I think it adds to the overall look I'm going for
 Another look at the chicken wire window shelf. Now I'm having second thoughts about the chicken wire lol. Should I paint the shelf a different color? I'm open to doing that.

 Some greenery, a little burlap and a wire cloche for the dining table. Here's the white chair. Should I paint the chairs different colors? Yes I took these at night lol, I'm a bad picture taker for sure.

Okay, I'm getting there but I would love to have your ideas on making it more of a farmhouse chic look cause I'm still not all the way there yet. I think I need some color, but what color and where? What would you add or take away. Dear Bloggers you totally won't hurt my feelings, I'm depending on you to give me some ideas so feel free to speak your mind :) Oh and wait til you see the lighting fixture  I have for this room, I'm so excited to show you, stay tuned!
I'll be sharing at Elaine's Sunny Simple Sunday, Brenda's Tweak It Tuesday , Angie's Knick of Time Tuesday and Sherry's Home Sweet Home


  1. Hi Teresa,
    I just love everything about your home...and,you have created something to be very proud of, my dear! I love cottage/farmhouse/country french...more than anything I love a place that beckons and says "Home Sweet Home"!
    I lived in Navy Quarters for many years and determined that it was always going to feel like home and make my family feel safe and cozy. It doesn't matter where we are planted...It's that we choose to make it a nest for those we love.
    I love your home! thank you for your beautiful post. I am happy to become your newest follower.
    Carolynn xo

  2. The whole look is great, esp. love the cloche on the table!

  3. i say yes to hanging a mirror behind the wreath (suspend the wreath from a bow so it hangs in the center of the mirror).

    found you via the charm of home and hope you'll stop by and follow!



  4. I always enjoy your posts. I like the chicken wire on the shelves. I think it looks great. A mirror would be pretty behind the wreath.

  5. Hi Teresa! I love what you've done and adore your mantel with those darling little sheep. I know nothing but I do agree about the mirror! Your home is so charming!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Your room is so lovely. I think the chicken wire is a wonderful touch to the shelf and the sheep on the mantel are so cute. I love the wreath above the sheep the way it is but a mirror would add another layer, frame the wreath nicely and I think it would look great.

    You have created such a cheerful, comfy room. It must be a great place to spent time.

  7. Teresa,
    I think everything look just lovely!!

    I adore the shelf with the chicken wire and the lamp!! Now that is just stunning!!


  8. Farmhouse yes and FABULOUS. I love it!

    Nice to meet you and your blog is adorable.



  9. I like the way you've done the chicken wire.

  10. Teresa,

    I really like all the ideas you have for your room. And that is amazing. What about a board behind it instead of a mirror? Or a pallet? Great texture against that wonderful wreath :)

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

  11. It looks great! I love the chicken wire. How are you liking the chairs painted? I have been wanting to paint mine but Mr. Magpie is really really worried about them not looking good or not wearing well and then having to strip them. Refinishing chairs is not something I want to undertake! And I have a similar windsor type chair as yours except with the harp back.

    Let me know! It looks great!


  12. I think your room is looking great! A mirror behind the wreath is a good idea but you might think about trying the wood window behind the wreath. (the one hanging over your cute chicken wire shelves) Hugs, Penny

  13. I LOVE your chicken wire shelf! Don't change a thing!

  14. Such a pretty room. I love the shelf unit with the window frame and the sheep are so cute.


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