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Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Chickens made me Breakfast

I unabashedly admit that I LOVE my chickens! Not only are they entertaining and eat tons of bugs but they are master chefs! They make me breakfast everyday! Yes, they are part of the family so let me introduce them, there's Maggie the Rhode Island Red, Goldie and Tillie the Buff Orpingtons, Betsy the Ameraucana who lays blue and green eggs :) and Mabel the Barred Plymouth rock who actually turned out to be Marvin hmmm, no eggs from him. Here they are enjoying an autumn day in the chicken pen.
Yes one day I heard what I thought was a pathetic attempt at crowing, I said to myself.....self was that a rooster crow you just heard? Nah, the feed store guaranteed they were all hens but guess what? they lied! Mabel alias Marvin now proudly struts among his harem crowing his head off. Oh well, I'm already attached so he stays.
Maybe the ladies are enjoying the attention from Marvin because they've been laying like crazy!

I love going out early in the morning to feed the chickens and gather the eggs. The lovely little flock get so excited when they see me coming it makes me feel so special and finding the eggs in the nest is like an Easter egg hunt every morning. It's such a simple thing but I love it! 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

So did I mess up?

I found this little end table at the thrift shop and picked it up for a song and a dance.

So I went to work painting it thinking I would use it next to the bed.....
And it looked ok.......but kinda plain.
So then I decided to take the plunge and decoupage something on it, scary indeed.
So here it is, tell me if you think I should leave it, change it, or???? It just seems like it needs something else done to it.
Never mind my hubbys computer cord here lol

I'm open to any and all ideas so have at it!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Loving the Farm Life

Time for a midday nap

 I really love living close to the Earth so to speak. My garden is flourishing
and the chickens are laying. It just doesn't get any better than this. Here's a few, well okay a LOT of pics for you to enjoy!

Yum can't wait to eat me some corn

More beans and radishes

Getting ready to cook these up straight from the garden

Our wood pile just called for an old timey black and white

Chicken coop for the ladies that my husband made, so cute!

The ladies' grand entrance

Tillie hunts for dinner

We mix a variety of feed for the girls and save the table scraps for them as well

There's Goldie coming out to greet the day, I hope she left me a present in there

Hmmmm...looks like they're saving the eggs til later
Here are the lovely gifts our ladies left us, did you know that eggs from the store are already a month old by the time they are put out for sale? Chickens are easy to care for and they give you so much in return. I would encourage everyone to get two or three if your zoning allows. Haha, hubby is in the background with his kneepads on, he's always working on some project.

My hubby designed and built the coop, he put a side door in for easy clean out. I use the scrapper to scrap out the poop into the barrel to later be used in compost.

Easy access to the nest boxes

I can't believe the blooms on the crape myrtles this year.

Great old abandoned one room house next to our property

We have about 20 pecan trees on the property, last year the drought resulted in zero pecans. This year is going to be a bumper crop. Thank you Lord Jesus.

Saved the best pic for last, isn't this the cutest?

Monday, February 28, 2011

Kitchen and Living Room Vignettes

I love changing things up around the house and the easiest way is to rearrange my vignettes. I have a penchant for birds, chickens, anything with feathers and it shows, here's a couple of my groupings which include some feather laden fowl. The white chicken lamp is a thrift store find, it was originally bronze with an ugly gold shade. I painted it white, bought a plain shade and recovered it in a cheery checkered fabric with a pretty little ruffle.I'll post a before and after later in the week with a brief tutorial.

Kitchen Vignette

Living Room Vignette

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