Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wall of Plates and Brightening Up the Dining Room

What a huge difference white paint makes!!

Here's the after, brighter and lighter!

A while back I asked you to critique my dining room. I received lots of great ideas and I've slowly been incorporating them. One idea I especially liked was making a gallery wall of plates  over my antique dresser/buffet. The pic below shows how the room looked looked so dark!

I removed the too large lamp and the pitcher and bowl. I also removed some of the crystals from that chandy and got brighter bulbs for it. I switched out the two bird pictures to another spot and made a wall of white and blue/white plates over the mirror.

There was also way too much brown in my opinion and many of you suggested I break all the brown up by painting the chairs, I agree that was a great idea. So I pulled out my ASCP  in Old White and got to work.

Ii's funny I just looked at the Decor Steals offer today and it's just the look I was going for. If you want to pick up some pretty plates for your wall, here's the pic....just click on the link above and it will take you to it.

I painted the previously dark stained legs in Old White too.

It really lightened up the whole room and the white really pulled the table and chairs together. I also added a little bit of blue in the center piece.

This top of this pretty piece was originally a duck egg blue but I wanted a lighter blue so I went over it with ASCP Louis Blue than used clear and dark wax.

The little bone plates were found at a antique store for only $1 each, what a steal!

I added some more white with the hen and turkey casserole sets.

 I still plan on painting the walls a lighter color and getting some curtains with blue and white. A new rug is also in the works but that's going to have to wait a while.

The addition of some greenery helped bring some life to this room.

I'll be decorating for Christmas in this room after Thanksgiving. Do you decorate for Christmas before of after Thanksgiving?

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Touches of Christmas

I'm not in full fledged decorating mode just yet but I wanted to do a few easy things to jump start the season.

 Every year I envision beautifully decorated rooms, Charles Dickens style. A Flocked Christmas tree all the way to the ceiling with twinkling lights and colorful ornaments.

"It is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas when its mighty Founder was a child Himself." ~Charles Dickens

 I remember when I was a child I would lay on my back under the tree and look up through the branches, it always looked so magical. That's what I want to recreate, a child like magical Christmas.

 Maybe this will be the year???

I added some snow batting to the bottom of the rustic wood box that I first showed you HERE , I filled it with some pretty white ornaments that I got at Hobby Lobby for half off.

The pine cones are from my yard, I added a little bird in a nest with berries and nestled in a candle.

The little white reindeer is from  my local antique flea market. The pic doesn't do him justice, he's so pretty.

They took beaded garland and somehow glued it on the body of  the reindeer, they did a fabulous job!

This is putting me in the mood to do some more decorating but I'll probably wait til after Thanksgiving. Hoping for the magic and hoping you're staying WARM!!!
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Friday, November 14, 2014

Changing Up the Living Room

I've never really showed much of my living room, it's always been 'almost' done and it still is 'almost' done. But there are some changes I made that I'm happy with so I wanted to give you a look see.

Like this rustic wooden box on my wood plank coffee table.....

And my cute 'Welcome Home' pillows on the sofa....

Can you tell I like 'greenery' in a room?

And I'm loving my wooden tray with the framed burlap Faith picture.

I'm still planning out the slipcover process for my French sofa, not sure if I want to go with drop cloth or something more refined for the fabric. It has to be something washable because my golden retriever Semper is going to think it was personally made just for him to sleep on.

Oh by the way here he is all suited up in his Marine outfit I made him for the Alabama Veterans Day Parade he and my husband participated in recently.

Semper Fi my friends!

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

I Love Having A Screened Porch

I love my screened porch, it's so much fun to decorate. I haven't started with the Christmas Decor yet, too early for me. I usually wait til after Thanksgiving to lug out all the boxes of decorations. So it's still  Fall Decor on the porch. I didn't go all out with decorating this year, actually I haven't gone 'all out'  for a few years now. I think I am becoming a minimalist at least when it comes to decorating.

Simple right? I like the splash of color but wanted a lighter green plant and thought of a lemon cypress. The color is so refreshing and really makes the dark days of winter more lively. So I grabbed me one and used the mini pumpkins to accent the pretty green and gathered up some pine cones from the front yard to add to the mix.

I added a pretty Boxwood Wreath to the front door, I absolutely LOVE Boxwoods for all year round. We also added a brass kick plate to the door, I think they add so much interest.

I found some great baskets at Hobby Lobby for half off, yay, and used them for my topiary plants.

 I added some battery operated lights to the topiaries, they'll be great for Christmas and all year round too.

Oh yeah, one last thing, we replaced our old beat up screen door with one we found at a salvage store. I painted it white and the hinges black. I love the little spindles.

So that's it, I hope you all are enjoying the season!

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