Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Chalk Paint Table

This is another piece we inherited from my husbands parents. It was in fantastic shape for being 50+ years old, way better shape than me!

But it's too dark for my liking so I lightened it up with coco chalk paint and a wash of old white.

This is what it looks like now.

See that gold sofa in the background (how could you miss it right? lol) I'm going to paint it with chalk paint until I can get it recovered. Have any of you painted fabric with chalk paint? If so how did it turn out and any tips you want to share?

I added this little applique to give some interest to the table, I'm an applique freak, I add 'em to everything!


  1. What a beautiful table, and a beautiful job you did on it! Love the applique!

  2. I've been following your blog for a year or two now, and just wanted to say that I love what you did with your last home (which is what originally brought me to your blog, since we are in the process of remodeling a manufactured home) and I love what you are doing with your new to you farmhouse home. You have a great eye for decorating, thank you for sharing it all with us!

  3. I LOVE how this table turned out with the wash over the Coco, which is one of my favorite colors. I have never painted fabric with chalk paint but the blogs that I follow have. They say it is stiff until you wax it and when it is set is feels fine and works well. It is a good option to try until you can afford recovering. Hope that helps.


  4. Hi Teresa,
    I have painted furniture with chalk paint and it was pretty easy and went really well. Here is my post on a chair I did for you to check out.

    Good luck and have fun with this.

  5. Wow Theresa! That table looks fabulous! You have the decorator's touch! I love everything you do...:) Want to come decorate my home for me? LOL! I'm getting excited because we are starting our living room remodel next weekend! I can't wait...:) Have a blessed weekend!

    Hugs, Vicky

  6. Theresa, I love your table. One would never know it was the same table. I especially love the applique.Would you mind telling us where you purchased it? I love your blog and I am always happy to see you have posted.

  7. I love furniture transformations and the table is a pretty one. The applique is the perfect touch. I haven't used Chalk paint on upholstery but I have seen posts where it was successful. Good luck.


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