Friday, April 26, 2019

What's Blooming in My Garden

Hello Spring! I really love Spring, who wouldn't when it brings such beauty to our gardens?  I'd love to share what's currently blooming in mine.

This is a David Austin Rose, named Olivia Rose Austin after his granddaughter. My daughter Kim gave me this rose , it's in it's 3rd year now and has so many blooms on it and it's gotten stronger each year, Sometimes David Austin roses hang downwards during there first couple of years until the stems get stronger. I really have gone almost totally towards having David Austin roses rather than hybrid teas. For one thing I love the look of them but they are also much more disease resistant and bugs don't seem to mess with them as much as my hybrid teas. But mostly because they have such beautiful fragrance.
Olivia Rose Austin

   This is the very first rose on my Olivia Rose Austin back in May 2016, Isn't it beautiful?

Here's the full bush ready to break forth today in all it's loveliness.

I also enjoy Knockout Roses for their ease of care and non stop blooms.
This is Pink Knockout Rose.

I do still have a few hybrid teas but they must have a few important attributes for me to keep them, like fragrance.. The pink one below is called Aromatherapy and yes the fragrance is divine.

This area below my back stairs was pretty much devoid of plants when we moved in  almost 4 years ago.

The two outer plants are the Eden roses when they were babies in 2016

Now this gorgeous Eden Climbing Rose graces the lattice, So far it has only bloomed once a year but supposedly the older it gets it's supposed to bloom twice per year.

But even if it remains blooming only once a year it's so beautiful that it doesn't really matter.

I may consider growing a clematis up through it to bring some color and interest  other times of the seasons.

This is in 2016, and my sad little attempt to bring some beauty to the back yard.

But I kept at it and here it is today, mostly roses, some sunshine ligustrum and in the back right limelight hydrangeas. There is a Madison Confederate Jasmine growing on the arbor,  it hasn't started to bloom yet.

Some i\Impatiens to bring some color to the top of the stairs.

Lemon Coral Sedum below the Impatiens.

My pretty little Autumn Moon Japanese Maple gets morning sun only, here on the deck.

I really love the bright green color on this conifer on the left called  Aurea Nana,

This is an interesting rose bush called Sunny Days, it started out yellow but after a particularly hard winter one year it reverted back to root stock and is now this lovely apricot pink.

One of my clematis vines that I have no idea the name .

Another David Austin rose called Desdemona.

More Clematis.

Not a good shot but this is Royal Jubilee a beautiful dark pink David Austin rose.

Hybrid Tea named Clouds of Glory, the scent is heavenly.

Music Box, shrub rose.

Clouds of Glory again. 

I may be wrong about this one but I think it's Bella Roma a hybrid tea, wonderful fragrance.

The following pictures are from last summer.
The purple plant is Persian Sheild mixed with Creeping Jenny and Impatiens.

A great profusion of Impatiens in a planter, this plant bloomed it's heart out well into Fall last year.

I had Creeping Jenny growing from the base of the planter. Creeping Jenny comes back every year in my zone 8b.

   Such beauty, don't you agree?

And this is what I made last year with portland cement and Elephant Ears.
So that's about it so far, I hope you enjoyed seeing my Spring garden.


  1. So pretty mom how come this talent didn't pass down to me 😥🥰

    1. Lol, it didn't come easy for me, I killed many poor plants before I figured it out. You can do it too, I'm sure of it!!!

  2. Teresa your flowers look gorgeous. I am envious that you already are enjoying flowers. We have another couple of weeks before we can even think about flowers. I cannot wait. We have been in the 70's for two weeks and now tomorrow we will get a snow storm. Ugh!!! We just cannot win the war of winter here in Illinois.
    Have a good weekend.

    1. Oh wow Kris more snow! We've had a pretty long spring so far. Usually in Texas it goes Winter, one week of Spring then right into the sweltering heat of summer. I'm dreading all the heat and humidity to come so I'm soaking up all the pleasant days that I can. Hope your Spring comes soon!

  3. You have an incredible green thumb!! So pretty!

    1. Well thank you very much! It hasn't always been that way, unfortunately I've killed many a poor plant along the way.

  4. Your yard is beautiful! We got a yellow lab puppy last spring and I kind of gave up on my yard for the summer but I'm determined to take it back this summer since she's a little older and a little less rowdy!

    1. Thank you Diane! Oh gosh I bet you are enjoyed that little furball. My Golden Retriever loves going out to garden with me, he mulches all of the fallen branches lol.

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