Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wood Plank Ceiling in the Kitchen

So I got all the wallpaper down from the kitchen walls and decided to tackle the ceiling. My father in law had put a drop ceiling in the kitchen and I wasn't really fond of it so we tore that down. It exposed a really peeling wallpaper ceiling hence the reason for the drop ceiling. I pondered a couple of ways to go and finally decided on the cheapest and easiest. A wood plank ceiling, yep way cheap and easy and it fit the style of the house.
 We pulled down some of the hanging paper as we went but really the rest isn't going to show, no one will ever know that there is ugly green peeling paper behind the wood planks. I realized once I put up a couple of planks that I should have painted them BEFORE putting them up, duh.
 So my daughter Kim and I laid a bunch of them on sawhorses and plywood and went to town.
 I used 1/4" 4'x8' wood and had Home Depot cut it to 6 inches each lengthwise. We sanded lightly around the edges and painted them with Polar Bear by Behr in semigloss enamel.
It took two of us to do the job both on ladders as this is a 10 foot ceiling. We placed a nickel between the planks to space them evenly. A nail gun was a life saver and it all went pretty quickly. See that old wagon wheel lamp? I think everybody had one of those at one time or another. I'll be replacing it with this...

This is how far we got today, need more wood and some nails for the nail gun but we should be able to finish it by tomorrow. The project for a ceiling 11 feet by 11 feet, plus one little area by the door is about 130 sq ft. It will end up costing $130 and that includes the paint. I think that's pretty good considering most of the other options were going to run $300 and up. I'm exhausted but it feels good to accomplish something, so I'm going to sleep good tonight for sure! But before I go here's a few more kitchen before pics

I think we've come a long way.
To see how it looks now click HERE

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  1. Oh I like it...beautiful! What a smart idea!

  2. Great idea Theresa! And it looks like it will be a perfect fit in your home! That does seem to be a good price too. I have brainstormed ideas to redo my mobile home ceilings and this might be an option! Can't wait to see more.

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  3. My shoulders and arms are dead mom!

  4. Teresa
    I'm loving it!!
    I never would've thought of this.
    You may have started a new trend!

  5. Teresa-That looks GREAT! What a good idea and I loved those old wood ceilings found in older homes. It's a perfect solution and a great price, too- xo Diana

  6. The ceiling is brilliant, and love love your light fixture!


  7. I followed a link from Joyful Cottage.
    I love your renovation! We did a plank ceiling as well and it came out beautiful so it was worth all the hard work.


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