Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cushions for the Bench you ever feel like this?
 That there are so many 'to do' projects in your home that you feel frozen.....not knowing where to start and if you do start you're soon pulled in another direction on another project?  That's been me.......until now! I am forcing myself to focus..... focus on one room at a time until it's done! And focusing on one project in that room until that is done.   So far it's working!   As you may know I'm currently in the process of focusing on re-doing my dining room and more specifically on the farmhouse table bench. If you followed my blog when I lived in the mobile home you might remember this picture.

Mr Magazine and I made the table from an old bed and heart pine planks and the bench from the same heart pine. When we moved into the 1920's house we had to shorten the table and the bench because the dining room was smaller.  Here's the farmhouse table and bench as it looks in that room.

You can't really see the bench in this pic but trust me it's there, and unfortunately it's hard. Yep I actually had a couple of complainers, family members sheesh, they said it was too hard on the rump. So kind person that I am I decided to give them some cush on the tush.

Ahhh much better. I found these at Pier 1 and they were like the perfect size YAY! I think the fabric cushions give this room the softness it needed.

 I could have made some but I felt lazy this week. Plus they were on sale for half off!

They didn't come with any ties so to keep them in place I sewed two inch wide velcro on the bottom of the cushion and the receiving part I stapled on to the bench.  It worked out great! Don't worry about those staples, the bench already has holes and dents so I can take them out and it will look like the holes belong there.

 So I'm considering that project done! On to the next!

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  1. The cushions look great! The whole room looks fantastic...:) I am lovin' that rug is gorgeous! Where did you get it? Have a blessed Friday.....Vicky

  2. Hahaha! ..."family sheesh!"
    Ain't that the truth sister.

    I had some similar complaints on my 3 chair bench and then I made a cushion. I was just thinking on changing it up the other day. I like yours.
    I like that rug too. don't know that I recall seeing it in your dining room here or in the mobile. Is it new? I've seen a similar one at MMS's blog.
    That dining room is shaping up to looks so pretty!
    ...and yes. I have the same feelings. Overwhelmed at times with all the "to-do's"

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  4. this looks amazing, and i needed the reminder to pick up one of those bamboo rugs! visiting via MMS and hope you'll visit me back:



  5. What a great solution! I love finding what I need on sale - :-)
    I need to adopt your focus on one room at a time/ projects for that room rule - I swear I have project ADD. LOL!
    I've been catching up on your posts - I absolutely love your kitchen ceiling! Everything is looking great!

  6. You are cooking with gas girl!!! I love benches at a dining table and with the cushions the tushes should be just fine! We have benches at the end of our dining table so we can seat 10 people instead of just 8. You are onto something with one project at the time. When we first moved here there were so many things that needed to be done that some days I felt like I was spinning and not accomplishing much, so I settled done made a promise to myself and started and finished one project at the time, boy was that hard. After all these years I still slip up and try to do to much but then I rein myself in. It feels so good to be able to finis a project. One thing that an old house will teach you, 'be patient or be a patient'. Keep up the great work. Did I see a long curtain in one of the dining room windows? It looks pretty from what I could see.

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  8. LOVE seeing this farmhouse table over and over again, it is one of my favorites. With cushions I am in love even more.


  9. Teresa,
    The cushion is fabulous and the whole room looks so beautiful. Love it all. Lookin good!

  10. That looks absolutely wonderful, Teresa. I have dining room chairs that LOOK great but aren't comfortable. I would put a pad over them but then they would be too tight to slip under the table easily...unless you have skinny kid legs!;>) AND-I don't think the old boy here would go for cutting the legs off a bit.

    Have a wonderful weekend- You did a great job on the bench with those cushions! xo Diana

  11. I love your table, and the cushions are fabulous. I have to go to pier 1.


  12. I love the look of the added cushions--really gives it a nicer feel in more ways than one!

  13. These are perfect. I love them and the velcro idea is super. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty


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