Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Pantry, the REVIEW and the REVEAL

*So to remind you how this challenge started a little review of how things looked a few days ago and the FULL REVEAL

Donna from Funky Junk Interiors put out a Heap of Change Challenge to choose an area in our home to clear out, clean up, organize and actually finish!
My mind immediately went to my Pantry, a space that has a door on it that I can conveniently shut so I don't have to see the clutter.

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It is the Pantry of Shame! Yes lurking behind that pretty white door with the cute little Pantry sign on it is....


take a peek....

Yep, that's what I have to deal with every time we want to eat, which is at least ten three times per day like most humans.
Not only do I have to move stuff to find other stuff but in the process I have to dodge falling objects while tripping over what can only be described as CRAP.

I don't know why I torture myself like this, it must be some kind of self payback for all the messes I caused my mom to clean up when I was a little girl.
Well, now I'm mad....I'll be darned if I'm gonna let this Pantry of Shame get the better of me, no sir re bob!

I have no idea why that bowl of dry dog food is setting in there, strange. But hey it sort of fits with all the rest of the junk right?

I'm gonna clear it out, clean it up and organize the begebbers out of it!
Next time you see my Pantry your gonna be jealous!
(secretly praying I don't have to eat my words) ahem...yeah like I said just you wait and see!

A few days have passed and wow have things changed.

Pt. 2  The Process.....

So lets go through what I did shall we?

Remember how BAD it looked just a few days ago?

Like Donna from Funky Junk Interiors suggested...I removed everything out of the area. Only put back what works. Get rid of the rest, goodwill, friends and family, curb alert, whatever. Just don't keep it around to clutter up some other area of your home.

I pulled it all out and stacked all over the counters in the kitchen. What a mess, my hubby took one look and just shook his head and walked out lol. No words.

Hmmm, she laying out all the food just for the taking!

Semper was all interested at first, but after a few hours went by and he saw all that food wasn't for him he decided to take a nap.

It took 4 EVER to get this far but I knew it was going to be worth it in the end.


I know you are dying to see how it looks.
So without further ado................

Dry goods, canned goods, plates etc.

Space for all my bowls, I love collecting old bowls and new bowls made to look old.
Cookies cutters, popcorn machine and thermos way up there.

More room for hanging items.

Paper plates, napkins and more dry goods. I got the chalkboard stickers at walmart. I think they were like $5 for 24 of them.

Crock Pot, Mixer, other rarely used items up top.

Stored up high but I have a step ladder in here.

Pots etc on the wall. See that old pencil sharpener? I need to move it to a more assess able spot, but it's been there for 60+ years. The original wall was further back. We redid it when we reconfigured the area to make room for the fridge.

Bowls and baking stuff


Semper's canned dog food and oils and such.

Yay, I can see the floor!

Mixes and veggies.

Glasses and microwave here.
The best part of this challenge is that it didn't cost a dime. I already had every thing i needed to organize this space, I just needed to do it!

And the kitchen is back in shape too!!!

So that's it folks, I can finally go into my Pantry without taking out an insurance policy first. So thank you Donna for your Heap of Change Challenge
If it wasn't for the challenge I would still be shutting the door on that messy Pantry and dreading having to open it every time we had to eat, which around here is every hour or so heh heh.

Funky Junk Interiors


  1. I finished my Heap of Challenge today (whew ! Big Job), took the final photos, tweaked the post and 7 am tomorrow I am joining in. Great transformation on your lovely pantry. Photos make the job so much more 'real'.

    1. Oh how fun Joy! I'm going to go check out your heap lol!

  2. Well, hello dolly! Looks to nice to close the door on it! Love all of it, especially the jars with labels. Have a great day.

  3. I will just bet you open the door just to look at you organized pantry!! It looks wonderful. I love your bowls too.

  4. Looks awesome!!! I think you should leave the pencil sharpener there and just get a new one. I love that it's been there for so long. Love your kitchen and pantry.

    1. Thank you Penpen, I think you're right! I'm going to leave it there!

  5. Oh. My. Organized. GOSH! Amazing!!!!

    Seriously, I loved every square inch of this post, including your husband's thoughts! haha!!!

    I know how much work went into this. It's over the top! But you did it right. You gutted that thing. I'd bet it feels AMAZING to have it like it is!

    p.s. your kitchen is over the top adorable! That island!!!!!

    Thanks so much for playing along! Will you be joining us next week again? hahaha

    1. Thank you Donna for the CHALLENGE! I would have never done it otherwise! I'll be there next week for sure the next challenge!

  6. I just tackled my first heap of shame as well. It's funny how I've wanted to take on my laundry room for almost 3 years but kept ignoring it. I'm so glad for this challenge. I love your kitchen. It looks great.

    1. Good for you Heidi! I love the challenge, it makes me get things done! Thank you for stopping by!

  7. Awesome job! It looks fantastic and I'm sure it will save you time. Stopped by from the Heap Challenge!

    1. Thanks you Andrea, it has been saving me loads of time!

  8. How wonderful! (love your kitchen, too) That's 100% better than before! You did a great job, and you should be very proud. Maybe we can check back in a month or two and see how well it stays? Best wishes!

    1. Thank you Rush, lets hope I keep it up because I don't want that big mess again!

  9. You did good. Real good. I don't know how you did it, but you did. Way to go!

    1. Thank you Lady Pamela, I'm not sure how I did it either, it's all a blur lol!

  10. That was amazing, what a difference! Thank you for sharing and thank you for the inspiration to get mine done.



    1. Thank you Debbie, it was actually lots of fun and very satisfying to get it done!

  11. Oh my gosh, it looks great! I love the labels. It is amazing how much I throw out when I go through my pantry--always so many stale crackers.

    1. Thank you Becky! I know what you mean about the crackers, I hate biting in to those stale ones :)

  12. wow, wow, WOW!!! You did an incredible job in there!!
    And don't think I didn't see the MIralax in there next to the Lemon Pepper! That's exactly the kind of thing I had going on in my own pantry. If you're anything like ME - you keep finding yourself going over there and opening the door just to stand there and GAZE at it!
    Congrats and I hope you'll be joining us again this week!

  13. Teresa, I wanted to look back at your first challenge and wow! You have done a great job on your pantry! I'm really inspired by all the posts!



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