Mobile Before Pics

So here is the future cottage farmhouse as it looked on the sales lot.
{If you want to see what the AFTER looks like click HERE}

Pretty basic but  lots of potential

It was plenty big enough for the two of us, a double wide.

I loved the shutters and it had a back door, so far so good.

It even had an etsy bitsty window in the bathroom, okay that's a start.
That window on the right is the master bedroom it has another window on the front making two corner windows.

Now to the inside......

Here's the living room, windows, check. Door, check. Saggy ceiling fan, ummm uncheck. But it was big enough but I'm not  a big fan of carpet. The ceiling was high, that's good, but still not loving thoses those plastic strips that cover where the panels join.

This is the area that I would turn into a study, fair size, bad lighting fixture and those darn batten strips again. But my mind was going full speed on how i was going to transform it into a Cottage Farmhouse! That brown cabinet on the right is a counter that separates the kitchen from the other rooms.

Here's a better shot at that counter, I am standing in what would become the dining area. The door off to the far left is the master bedroom.

This is the dining area, I was happy it had a wood burning fireplace and beadboard, we could work with that too.

Larger view of the same room

Now into the kitchen. lots of storage, cabinets in good shape, counter tops look fine, flooring, nah I hate linoleum and it was in bad shape.

Yay, it had a dishwasher, boo, it didn't work.

  The kitchen was huge, I loved that, I could have a table in the kitchen, and I loved the windows over the sink, I could  look out while cleaning up. Did I mention there are tons of cabinets?

This is the stove area, and look a pantry too!

Down the hall is the guest bedroom. One window and a closet, okay that works.

Workout room on the right and that same guest bedroom on the left. In the foreground is what will become the sewing room, I am taking the photo from the doorway of the guest bathroom.

And here's that nasty bathroom, it was probably the worse room in the house, so it was the first one we tackled. The shower curtain was a temporary disguise.

If you would like to see what I've done so far click on My Cottage Farmhouse Tour


  1. I am very excited to find your blog!! We are about to tackle the same type of project!

  2. I am very excited to find your blog!! We are about to tackle the same type of project!

  3. Looking back at your before and after photos and wow... you sure did transform that mobile home into an amazing farmhouse. But now I am guessing you moved into the real farmhouse? Love your sense of style. Great job.


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