My Mobile Home Cottage Farmhouse

Welcome to my Mobile Home Cottage Farmhouse. What you say? A Mobile home can't be a farmhouse! Well why not? It's whatever you make it and I wanted a farmhouse! So come on in and see for yourself......

 Here's my latest project, turning a fountain into a planter. You can see part of the 'big' house on the front of the property in this pic. My wonderful father in law lives there.

Walking up the front steps you are greeted with this sweet little bird flag.

And my pink Impatiens

This is what you see when you walk in the front door.

I just recently moved this mirror to this spot, I think I like it here because the area is a little dark and it reflects a lot of light. It also serves as a last spot check before leaving the house.

This new calf head is on the transition wall from the living/dining area and the kitchen. I just added this white frame around him, not sure about the shape, I might look for a round frame. I love adding wreaths to my decor, it just seems to pretty everything up.

Doesn't she have a cute profile? The dining room is on the right.

But that cow is not the only beef on this ranch, nope she is in competition with a real beauty.
My gorgeous Eulalie by Cindy Austin. I absolutely love this picture, she is an incredible artist!

I did a total redo on my mantel/fireplace surround. Adding appliques, bead board and reclaimed wood for the mantel. My husband and I made the farmhouse table from an old bed and heart pine boards cut from a beam.

We really enjoyed making this table, it takes up a large space in our dining room but we have a big extended family.

My little vanity redo, it didn't have a mirror so I added beadboard and an applique, I also cut the height of the frame area. Beadboard and appliques are pretty much my answer to everything haha.

I love animals and I found that quite by accident that my love for them is reflected all over the house, I seem to have a virtual zoo!

I picked up this antique birdcage at the flea market for only $15, I was super excited about that.

I found a piece of reclaimed wood for my mantel, it was a perfect fit.

I moved one of the chairs from around the table to allow for more walking room, I think it looks pretty cute under my antique frame.

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and that is definitely true at my home. We recently redid everything in there from painting the cabinets to laying down a beautiful wood floor.

I saved some money by making the roman shades myself, it's super easy but time consuming. Love the windows over my sink.

This is what I see when I look out my kitchen windows. A big beautiful Pecan Tree.

You can see my laundry room off of my kitchen, there is a back door there.

Painting those cabinets from brown to white made all the difference in my kitchen.

I love sitting here in the morning and having my coffee, I can see the horses grazing out the window

My potbelly cabinet, love it, it holds all of my spices and the drawers hold my dish towels.

This little truck was just too cute to pass up, I bought it at Hobby Lobby on a 50% off sale.

Here's a quick look at the guest bathroom, another total redo.

And lastly the laundry room.

I would be remiss if I didn't include my dog Semper, the sweet horses and my chickens.
Semper pretty much runs the house, he also chews up all my socks, yep love that dog :)

I adore this picture.

This is my chicken coop area, it's nice and shady for those hot Alabama days.

These two cuties are Buster and Princess, they are Blue Cochins.

Mr Slate and his wife Silver are a little jealous that they are cooped up and their buddies aren't.

So you might notice the rooms I DIDN'T show you, like the living room, office, master bedroom and master bathroom, yep, not showing those yet, still lots of work to do in those rooms. I'll be adding more rooms as they are finished, wish me luck!  Oh and in case you didn't know, I live in a double wide mobile home, my goal is to make it my dream farmhouse. You don't have to really live in a farmhouse to make it one, right?  So that's my home, thanks so much for stopping by, come again anytime.
You can find links to each room and how we got there on my sidebar.

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  1. Such a beautiful home! I love it all :-)

  2. Thank you for the tour of your home. Debbie at Vintage Sisters recommended your site. Glad she did!

  3. I absolutely love your cozy and love what you did in the laundry room.

  4. Thank you for sharing you beautiful home....I looked at the before pics....wowsers! I am looking forward to the other rooms as you get them done! Inspiring!!

  5. I love your beautiful home!! Thank you for sharing. Your taste in decor is wonderful....we have a lot in common!! We live in a mobile home we bought new in 2003. We have paid the mortgage off and have remodeled every room in the house and outside. We love our cozy, country home. Mobile home owners are the best!! Proud to be one!!

  6. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home! My husband and I recently moved into a mobile home to be closer to and take care of his parents. I have been at a loss of what to do to make this a "homier" place. Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. You are very talented and have made such a warm, inviting space. Your 'Farm House' is lovely and so peaceful. Love your shaded chicken coop. Thank you for sharing. I will anticipate updates as you keep working on your place.

  8. Your home is lovely. I can't wait to see what else you do. thank you for sharing.

  9. Beautiful job - it's all about making your house your home wherever you live!

  10. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL job! I'm beyond impressed.

  11. I wish you would come and redo my double wide!

  12. Just found your blog. I am in awe of your mobile home farmhouse. Wow.. You sure fooled me, and I own a farmhouse. Your kitchen is so sweet and your table looks perfect there. I can imagine a chippy painted vintage screen door where you enter your laundry room. Just love what you have done to make your home a farmhouse. That bird cage was a sweet find for sure. Love that painting, and the sweet heart pillow also. Your dog is adorable too. Many blessings.


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