Thursday, April 28, 2016

Not Your Ordinary Garden Decor

I've always been on the lookout for objects to use in the garden the aren't normally considered yard art. At our Alabama farmhouse I used some not so ordinary objects like this old moving dolly turned plant box holder.

Toby just built some boxes to fit, I filled them with flowers and we leaned it up against a Pecan tree.

This fountain stopped working so i turned it into a big plant holder. Not unusual to see in the garden but not it's intended purpose.

That fountain is still in storage in Alabama :( but I hope to retrieve it soon.

An old wheel barrel that had flat tires found a new life as a plant holder, see the old funnel stuck in there for interest?

Now you will always find terra cotta pots in the garden but maybe not as a border for some hostas and coleus.

Are those eyeballs I see on that old Pecan tree above?

An antique farm piece finds a home among the posies below.

All the above pictures are from our farmhouse in Alabama. I left so many things behind and now I'm on the lookout to add some character and not so ordinary objects to fill my backyard in Texas.

Now all of those things above are not that unusual to find in a garden even tho re-purposed but how about a car or truck????





Now  THAT'S what I call out of the ordinary and re-purposed!!!
How about you, what have you used in a not so ordinary way to decorate your garden? I'd love to know!


  1. I love your repurposed garden finds! I strive to put things in my garden space (albeit the patio) that achieve "the unexpected" as well.

  2. I love using unusual accents in my garden....but I think I'll skip the cars, as lovely as they look!! :)

  3. Love your repurposed garden finds. Everything looks terrific. Love the planter boxes that you hubby made for you.
    Have a great sunny weekend.

  4. You'll soon have your new house/garden all spiffed up. Isn't fun to find objects to use in an unordinary way? I love to find things for yard art. I have an old teapot whose bottom rusted out. Perfect for planting in the garden. Old chairs make exceptional objects to repurpose too. Love all your ideas! Hope you all are well.

  5. I would love to have that vintage truck water fall. Wow.. I need that right now. ha.


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