My Blog Name

So I was puttering around the house and started rearranging
totally redoing the top of Mr. Magazine's armoire. Now mind you, 
his idea of decorating is assembling his vast collection of ball caps,
 sweat and all, into a big pile with a belt and aftershave thrown in for 
good measure. Well, he walked in while I was stashing his 'treasures'
 and had a tizzie fit! Rambled something about "does EVERYTHING 
have to look like a magazine?!?! It caught on and now my daughters
 call me and say, "mom can you come over and 'magazine
 my house'? Hence the blog title 'MAGAZINE YOUR HOME'!


  1. Just happened upon your blog from Savvy Southern Style. Love the washtub and the name of your blog. Funny my hubby says, we don't live in a museum! LOL!


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