Monday, January 12, 2015

What I Did With The Wash Tub

Wondering what I did with the washtub?

We needed an island in our kitchen, a small island.
This fit the bill.

So we added a wood top to make it function as a kitchen island.

We cut three  2x8 boards to make the base then added six 1x6 boards to the top allowing for a 3/4 overhang from the base. The overall overhang is 3 inches in all sides.

Boards where added to the bottom so it would fit down inside the wash tub and not move around but we can remove it whenever we want.

Then I stained it, it came out a little dark and I may lighten it up later.

And all that storage room inside was not wasted. I store my cookbooks in there, just lift off the top and there they are!

We no longer have to walk all the way from the fridge to the counter to make sandwiches, yeah we're lazy.

It ended up being the perfect height and size but I am considering adding some wheels so I can move it around. I also later added a shelf to the bottom allowing for more display space (see below). Click the update below to read about the shelf.

 Stay tuned for some changes in my Pantry.

*Update to my wash tub kitchen island click HERE

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  1. Looks like great new use for some old technology.

  2. I love that. I wish I had room for a little island like that.

  3. Hey girl, there you go again! I really like it with the dark stain. It is just stinking cute. I wonder if a shelf could be added to the bottom? By the way your kitchen looks so calm and inviting.

  4. That's wonderful! Maybe you could find nylon casters to fit into the legs so you could move it without scratching your floor? It must have once had casters. That's a terrific job and looks great in your kitchen. Enjoy it in good health!!!

  5. What a neat idea. I love a creative mind.

  6. Very clever, great industrial touch, love it!


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