Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Patriotic Quilt

I've been working on a quilt for my daughter and her husband and FINALLY finished it!
Toby helped with the design decisions so it was a group effort.

It's a California King so yes, lots of material.
I sent it out for quilting to an amazing Longarm Quilter Tamara Bobbitt of
she also does T Shirt & Memory Quilts!
Here it is on the quilting rack...

And close up....

I've just started on some baby quilts for the Grands, fun stuff.


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Tiered Trays, How I Decorate With Them

I really like tiered trays, they provide organization and add vertical space to display the things you love.

Here are a few ways that I've used tiered trays in our home.

I really love having lots of plants around, especially inside when it's cold and dreary outside.

The tiered trays give me extra room for more plants in a smaller space, win win.

I like adding little decor items like this sweet wooden sign.

The space between each level is spacious enough to give all the plants plenty of light and room to grow.

At the coffee bar space is at a minimum so having a tiered tray really helps organize all the things we need like, coffee pods, creamer, sugar etc.

This sweet angel lives on a single tier tray in our master bedroom, I really like the added height it brings.

I have risers or trays under all of my lamps, they just look better in my opinion, here's one in our living room area on an iron decorative tray.

I would love to hear if you use tiered trays in your home and how you use them. Thanks for stopping by.....Hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year!

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Friday, January 4, 2019

My Daughter the Cake Artist

Naked with Roses
Have I ever told you about my amazing daughter Rebecca, well I have three amazing daughters and two amazing sons but this post is about my youngest. She's been interested in baking for as long as I can remember and many years ago her dreams came true and she opened Baking Sweet Memories featuring cupcakes, breads, cakes and other goodies. Recently she has decided to follow her passion for creating true works of art for special events and wedding cakes for a couples most special day by exclusively offering custom cakes only. She is located in the Huntsville Texas area but serves the surrounding area including Houston.
Please visit her online site Baking Sweet Memories and browse all the beautiful cakes in the gallery.
She has also written a very informative article on how to find the right cake artist for your special day.  Go check it out on her blog Cake Talk Finding the right cake artist for your wedding

Thanks for allowing me this shameless bragging on my daughter :)
P.S. I was not paid for the post, only a few cupcakes, muffins, breads hahaha.

Small Piping

Princess Pillow

Monday, November 19, 2018

Re-Connecting and Some Projects

Hello Blog Friends, if anyone is still following me I just want to say that's AMAZING considering the fact that I haven't posted in well over a year!
Yes, I'm still here and  I do still pop in on your blogs to see how you're doing.
For those who remember that my husband Toby had been battling cancer I would like to give you all an update.  Just to recap and bring you up to date Toby had been diagnosed with cancer. He had undergone surgery,chemo and radiation but it was a very aggressive cancer and was still growing. Well more surgery wasn't an option and he entered a clinical trial in the summer of 2017 and he is still in that trial. I am so grateful and happy to report that the cancer is 99 percent gone!!! It has been an amazing thing to see the results on the MRI's that are done every 2 months. We have every reason to believe he will be totally cured from this cancer that has taken a devastating toll on his body. I must tell you that blogging became too difficult as we went through this journey and all of my energy was focused on helping him get through the most difficult time of his life. God NEVER left our side and His strength and love is what enabled us to get through it all. He'll be in the clinical trial for another 4 months and then go into maintenance mode.  For anyone who has been given a cancer diagnosis I just want to say NEVER give up hope. New therapies are opening up at a rapid pace such as the immunotherapy drug Toby was on, research clinical trials if the standard therapy of chemo and radiation is not working and trust in God to help you through. We will never forget the love, support and prayers so many of you gave us during the hardest times of his cancer journey and for that we are eternally grateful

So now on to decor stuff....we've been in our home for almost 3 years now and I think I finally have the energy to start doing some serious decorating. I had done up a couple fall planters for our porch and wanted to show them to you before I replace them with Christmas planters.

I also completed a few more projects that I had be wanting to get to....

Here is an arbor I purchased a couple of months ago, I planted a Madison Confederate Jasmine on it as it has a more compact growth than other jasmines and the flowers are more abundant and sweeter orange blossom aroma. You can't really see it in this pic but since first  planted it's put on about three feet of growth in a very short period of time, I'll show you it in full bloom next spring and summer.

When we moved in the yard was mostly dirt and weeds, I was able to buy some sod squares from home depot and fill in the bare spots in the front lawn as well as spray and dig up the weeds. It's looking much better now.

A group of Limelight Hydrangeas planted along the back fence with blue plumbago in the foreground. The mulch hadn't gone in yet so you still see the drip lines.

A blue Vitex Chaste Tree planted in the corner with coneflowers in front of it.

These Impatiens looked beautiful but our frost last week did them in, boo hoo.

Randomly planted coleus but of course the frost got them too but I did manage to take some cuttings and root inside to plant out again next spring.

I've got a few big projects planned in the near future with the help of my daughter. We plan on putting in new counter tops in the kitchen and putting shiplap up in the master bedroom so stay turned as I hope to be posting on a more regular basis.
Well that's it, I just wanted to share some of what is happening in our lives and reconnect with you all. I hope you are all doing great and are ready for the holidays.


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