1920's Home Tour

                  We've been busy refurbishing and re-loving our 1920's Cottage on 10 acres. 

                  This property has been in my husbands family since the 1950's. His grandparents originally lived here and as a little boy he had fond memories of this wonderful home. When we first moved to Montgomery we moved onto the back part of the property in the wonderful mobile home that you can read all about Here. When his father passed away we moved to the 'big' house. Most of it was still as he remembered it as a boy but it needed some updating. Below are some pics of the rooms we have transformed  into our 1920's Cottage.

Living Room

Dining Room


Master Bedroom


Back Acres


  1. You have great style and it's perfect for that cute house! I lived in Montgomery for 20 years and am now in NE Tennessee. I'm going to check out your blog for possible ideas we can use in our house.
    Sue P.

    1. Thank you Sue, we love it here and we're so much fun with our home.

  2. I have just discovered your blog and am bouncing around between your cabin, your mobile home and your farmhouse cottage. Wow... love them all. What a wonderful home filled with vintage treasures. So welcoming and lovely. Blessings.


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