Friday, March 15, 2019

A Bit of Spring Decor and Update on Toby

Just a few touches of Spring around the house in hopes of hurrying it along.

I got thiis frame with the wreath & bunny from Hobby Lobby, Placing it on a larger wreath gave it a little more presence. I added some pink flowers, carrots and a little Bless this House sign.

Added a pretty little flower arrangement, a bunny and candle to 'Spring Up' the coffee table.

This little heart pillow is something I made for Valentines Day but I liked the soft colors for Spring so I left it out.

I'll be adding a few more ideas for Spring so stay tuned.

Hope the weather is getting more like Spring in your area! I actually got outside today and planted a few things, it felt really good to put my hands in the dirt! In  South Texas you have to get out there early in the season before the extreme heat and humidity take over.
Last year my water bill was off the scale so I have been putting drip systems in and planting things that don't require lots of water.

Last of all I want to give you all an update on Toby. He is getting his last infusion on the clinical trial next week!!! He's been on it for two long years!!! He'll be monitored for an extended time and get periodic MRI's  but no more infusions unless God forbid the cancer should return. Yes the cancer is gone! The treatment he was on, Cemiplimab received FDA approval so it is now available to anyone.  He still does not have the energy he used to have because he is anemic but that is slowly improving. This whole journey has been nothing short of a miracle!

Happy Spring!


  1. I love your touches of spring. It's still way to cold in Kentucky for planting :( Great news about your husband!!!!

  2. God Bless y’all !sohappy tp hearyou both are doing well !! I was wondering about how things were going ! Take care! Love your decor !

  3. Oh Teresa this is the best news on Toby. I have been praying for him and hoping we would see this kind of news from you. So so happy for both of you. This has been a long journey but one that like you said is a miracle. Love the cute wreath. Just so pretty for Easter and Spring.

  4. Teresa this is amazing news and I'm so happy for you all. I keep Toby in my thoughts to get stronger. I love that you got a miracle.

    Your wreath looks great especially with the touches you added. So happy to have you back.


  5. Teresa, I have thought of you both so often over the past few years and I'm so glad to hear this wonderful news! Hey...if you're ever near enough to San Antonio where we can meet, I'd love to give you some more plants! I've been outside lately, too, but so far, mostly pulling the weeds which are almost as tall as me ! I'm also taking apart most of my gardens, so I have lots of plants to share. BIG HUG! oh...and I LOVE your spring decorating!

  6. What an amazing update!!! I'm happy to hear To y is doing so well. What are your plans? Will you move back home?

  7. Congratulations! What an awesome report about Toby!


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